Order Stay Sharp

Does this program cost the school anything?

No, there is no charge for the program. This program is funded through donations, grants and other funding sources, thus giving Stay Sharp the ability to offer schools this program free of charge.

How long is the program?

The large-group presentation is typically 20-50 minutes in length, however this length will be tailored to the needs of each school. The small-group presentations will vary in length, depending on the setting and time available.

What does the large-group presentation consist of?

The large-group component of the program consists of a multi-media video presentation and in-person speakers. The video and speakers focus on sharing their stories of struggles and addictions, focusing on the factors and choices that led up to their destructive behaviors. There are other components in the presentation including the teaching of the physical and psychological effects of drug use, realistic refusal skills, and the available options for help for addictive behaviors. All Stay Sharp speakers are young adults who have recently struggled with addictions, have succeeded and now wish to impart their knowledge and experiences to other youth.

What does the small-group presentation consist of?

The small-group component of the program consists of a tailored-made curriculum as determined by the needs of the school and students. The presentation can be administered to students during classroom hours, or if needed after school. During this session, students are given the opportunity to ask questions to the Know the Truth presenters and discuss the issues that are of importance to them. Other options for small-group presentations include focus groups of student leaders or at-risk students, and teaching sessions for staff and parents.

Who started Stay Sharp? What is its message?

Stay Sharp is a prevention program administered by Teen Challenge centers across the nation. Stay Sharp’s message is fact-based with no religious components. The message is focused on imparting knowledge to the student body with the intent of preventing drug and alcohol addictions.