the truth

THE TRUTH........

Life is not simple. Complicated and tough might be better words. Pressure from parents, pressure from friends, pressure from school and teachers, it comes from every direction, the pressure to be and do. Life can throw some difficult challenges at us, stuff we're not expecting or prepared to handle. We all need help at times, help to face those pressures and challenges. Finding the right friends and help is key to making good healthy choices that will make you feel better about yourself, choices that will take you on a journey that you will not look back on and regret, choices you will be proud of.

We are all on a journey.
Where are you headed?
The choices are yours and yours alone.

The people and their stories told in the Stay Sharp video are real. They found out the hard way that drug and alcohol use were not a fun distraction or something that you can just decide to use today and then quit tomorrow. They made the wrong choices. They faced the temptation of drug and alcohol use and gave in. They eventually found a way out but not until after they suffered the consequences. They found themselves in despair and hopelessness. Our hope is that you can learn from their mistakes and avoid the negative consequences.

Life is filled with pressure and challenges but it is also filled with choices on how you decide to handle what life throws at you.

Stay Sharp - THINK ABOUT IT!